Monday June 5, 2023
A date scroll with Latin text from “The Extremes of Good and Evil” by Cicero, written in 45 BC.

June 5: Day of the Week

June 5, 2023 was the 156th day of the year 2023 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 209 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Monday.

If you are trying to learn Japanese then this day of the week in Japanese is Getsuyōbi.

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Here’s the June calendar. You can also browse the full year monthly calendar.

June 2023

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Zodiac & Birthstone

Gemini is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Pearl is the modern birthstone for this month. Moonstone is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

June 5 Historical Event(s)

Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy by the signing of a new constitution.
Louis Brandeis is sworn in as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
World War II: United States declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.
Marshall Plan: In a speech at Harvard University, United States Secretary of State George Marshall calls for economic aid to war-torn Europe.
The Suez Canal opens for the first time since the Six-Day War.
The United Kingdom holds its first country-wide referendum, on remaining in the European Economic Community (EEC).
The Apple II, one of the first personal computers, goes on sale.
Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi orders an attack on the Golden Temple, the holiest site of the Sikh religion.
Portions of the Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, fall into the sea following a landslide.
A strike begins at the General Motors parts factory in Flint, Michigan, that quickly spreads to five other assembly plants (the strike lasted seven weeks).

Who were born on June 5?

Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, son of Edward III of England (d. 1402)
Allvar Gullstrand, Swedish ophthalmologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (d. 1930)
Willard Miller, American sailor (d. 1959)
Bill Moyers, American journalist
Hélène Cixous, French writer, poet
Karin Balzer, German hurdler
Joe Clark, sixteenth Prime Minister of Canada
Spalding Gray, American actor and writer (d. 2004)
Brian McKnight, American musician
Takaya Tsubobayashi, Japanese racing driver

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