What day of the week is this date?

Saturday October 3, 2020

October 3: Day of the Week

October 3, 2020 is the 277th day of the year 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 89 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week is Saturday.

If you are trying to learn Japanese then this day of the week in Japanese is Doyōbi.

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Here’s the October calendar. You can also browse the full year monthly calendar.

October 2020

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Zodiac & Birthstone

Libra is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day. Opal is the modern birthstone for this month. Jasper is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years.

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October 3 Historical Event(s)

  • 42 BC
    First Battle of Philippi: Triumvirs Mark Antony and Octavian fight a decisive battle with Caesar’s assassins Brutus and Cassius.
  • 1683
    The Qing Dynasty naval commander Shi Lang reaches Taiwan (under the Kingdom of Tungning) to receive the formal surrender of Zheng Keshuang and Liu Guoxuan after the Battle of Penghu.
  • 1778
    British Captain James Cook anchors in Alaska.
  • 1835
    The Staedtler Company is founded in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • 1863
    The last Thursday in November is declared as Thanksgiving Day by President Abraham Lincoln as are Thursdays, November 30, 1865 and November 29, 1866.
  • 1873
    Captain Jack and companions are hanged for their part in the Modoc War.
  • 1919
    Cincinnati Reds pitcher Adolfo Luque becomes the 1st Latin player to appear in a World Series.
  • 1949
    WERD, the 1st black-owned radio station in the United States, opens in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 1950
    Korean War: The First Battle of Maryang San, primarily pitting Australian and British forces against communist China, begins.
  • 1952
    The United Kingdom successfully tests a nuclear weapon to become the world’s third nuclear power.

Who were born on October 3?

  • 1720
    Johann Peter Uz, German poet (d. 1796)
  • 1901
    Jean Grémillon, French film director (d. 1959)
  • 1941
    Andrea de Adamich, Italian Formula One driver and TV commentator
  • 1949
    Lindsey Buckingham, American guitarist and singer (Fleetwood Mac)
  • 1951
    Dave Winfield, American baseball player
  • 1954
    Stevie Ray Vaughan, American blues musician (d. 1990)
  • 1962
    Tommy Lee, American Drummer
  • 1968
    Paul Crichton, English footballer
  • 1983
    Andreas Papathanasiou, Greek-Cypriot footballer
  • 1983
    Hiroki Suzuki, Japanese actor

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